Monday, November 15, 2010

How would you choose names for your children?

Choosing a name for an unborn baby is very important to every parents. For me, at least. It is not just a matter of choosing good sounding name with good meaning but for me, I have to ensure the number of strokes in the combination of characters reflects a good hidden meaning as well.

Most people will scoff at this practice but I just want to ensure everything that is within my control will bring the best for my children. I heard from my BIL mentioning most of his colleagues in Singapore will also practise this when choosing names for their babies. I am not the only 'kiasu' one here.

I will only check on the hidden meanings from books. If it is good enough, I will use the names. However, I know some people will wait until the birth of the child to get the year, month, day and time of birth (ba zhi) for a naming expert/ fortune teller/ medium to choose a name. I am not that extreme yet.

I heard that there is a lady expert in choosing names in my hometown who is able to tell a person's characters by just studying the names. It is so accurate that even the most skeptical person would be amazed. Normally her 'story' regarding the person's life will coincide with the prediction of the ba zhi. So I come out with the conclusion that when we think of a name for our baby, the destiny is fixed and it will affect the time the baby is born, ba zhi. Or we can say the other way round. After the baby is born, the parents will use the ba zhi for choosing names. The names chosen will then reflect whatever contains in the ba zhi. However, some people believe that if the ba zhi for the child is not that favorable, choosing a name with good meaning with rectify the ba zhi a bit. Simply choosing a name might magnify the negativity.

This lady mentioned that when parents choose certain name for their children, the children's character will be moulded to fit the hidden meaning behind the names. However, I do not deny the importance of upbringing by the parents as well. I have not met this lady yet so I am not able to judge her accuracy yet. Hopefully I am able to meet her one day and hear the 'story' behind my name.

No matter there is truth in this or not, choosing a good name is better than deliberately challenging destiny by choosing names with less than favorable meaning. Don't you think so?

* This post is only a reflection of my opinion regarding above mentioned title and it is not intended to offend anyone who thinks otherwise.

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